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Walk 1

Map of Walk 1

This is an easy/moderate walk of about 5.5 miles/8.7 KM around Llangammarch Wells which can be divided into two shorter walks  of 2.75 miles/4.3KM each.

The walk starts by using a footpath alongside the River Irfon with views towards the Mynydd Epynt, passes in sight of the Lake House Hotel, the once famous Barium Springs, and follows a circular route before entering the village again.

Here you can either return to the start or begin the second part by following the road towards Cefn Gorwydd, crossing the River Irfon to the north and following some minor roads amonst open farmland before returning to the village by the Church of St Cadmarch.

Start: Llangammarch Wells Post Office SN937 472

1.Starting at the Post Office, head towards the Irfon river bridge, passing the Nazareth Chapel (built in 1878) on your left. Just before reaching the bridge, go through a waymarked gate on the right. Follow the riverside path through several gates and over two footbridges. As you walk along the river look out for resident herons, dippers and kingfishers. After crossing the second bridge go through a gate and then bear right, taking the right fork in the path to reach a gate onto the road. If you take a short detour on the left path you will see the ruined Pump House.

2.At the road, turn left, passing the Lake Hotel (on your left) and continue uphill for 50 metres and take a track to your right, just before you reach Rookery Lodge (on your right). Follow the track uphill, over a stream and note the remains of the quarry on your right. Follow the track until you meet the road and turn right.

3. Follow the lane past a farm and house on your left. Keep following the lane past two houses, then down hill over another stream and up a steep incline. Keep following the lane until the next junction.

4. At the junction, bear slightly left and cross the stile on the far side of the lane. Walk ahead between the fences and then continue ahead across the field towards the top left corner and a track on the left. Go through the gate and continue along the left side of the field. At the far end of the field is a gate/stile onto a lane.


5. Turn right and follow the lane down to the junction of the main road. As you pass Sunnybank Studio (on the right, before the junction), check to see if it is open and take a look at the collection of spinning and weaving equipment including a Great Wheel and a warp weighted loom. (See Barbara Thomas under Woolcraft). If the studio is shut, trying knocking on the door!

If you wish to return to the start of the walk, turn right and follow the road to the Post Office.

6. At the main road turn left and follow the road towards Cefn Gorwydd. continue ahead, past Gwar-felin (cotage on the right) until you reach the junction on the right by the red tekephone box.

7. Bear right and cross the new footbridge (2018) over the River Irfon, continue ahead passing under the railway bridge and crossing a second footbridge over the River Camddwr. Follow the lane to a junction with three lanes.

8. Turn right and follow the lane to a junction. Turn right again, passing a bench where there are good views of Garth Hill/Bank and the surrounding area. Continue along the road and descend towards Llangammarch Wells. Just before reaching the junction near the railway bridge - you have St Cadmarch's on your left and The Cammarch on the right.

9. Head back under the railway bridge and over the river to return to the Post Office.


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