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Jean's artwork

Jean Booker

Born and raised in Pontypridd, Jean apprenticed with Alexon House as a dressmaker. She moved to Llangammarch in 1989 and ran the village shop until retirement.

Her health did not permit the sewing work, so she took up painting. She enjoys working with most media and any subject matter.
Based in Llangammarch, she also paints local scenes and activities.

Tel: 01591 620672

Simon's artwork

Simon Lilly​

I work in a variety of media: sculpture, painting, printmaking, digital art and photography. These are thematically linked by my love of landscape, the past, and the ideas and beliefs that infuse both.
Over the years, I developed a technique for building up sculptural forms using layers of paper. Using the same sets of imagery: bowls, niches, language, I am now starting to use carved wood to create enigmatic, quiet pieces suggestive of ancient meaning worn away by time and weather.

My recent photographic landscapes are characterised by a subtle manipulation of tones and contrast to create an effect reminiscent of the Northern traditions of landscape painting. I also enjoy more drastic photographic manipulation using layering of images to create a darker, more numinous ambience.There are a great many innovations in the area of digital art, but I am happy using a few simple processes. I usually begin with a painted image and then use multiple layering of imagery to build up a jewel-like intensity of colours that allows the eye to drift between the different perspectives in a quiet, meditative state.

My print works use block-printing techniques. Sometimes simple black and white, sometimes layered colours on a background of metallic, gold paste. Words are often included. They are influenced by medieval manuscripts and early printing methods.

My paintings take inspiration from those subjects that cannot quite be captured in the way I would like using any of the other processes.

I was trained at The University of Edinburgh and Edinburgh College of Art. I have an MA (Honours)degree in Fine Art and a Post-graduate Diploma in Sculpture Studies.

Tel: 01591 610792

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