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Llangammarch History Society

old map of llangammarch

Llangammarch Wells History Society has been in operation for many years - at their monthly meetings they have welcomed many interesting speakers from far and wide, and whilst numbers fluctuate over time, enthusiasm for local history has remained popular with local people as well as those who have come into the community from "off".

In 2011 the group organised a village walk - visiting properties in and around the Village, with a narrative on each property based on information gained from residents and census documents.

As a direct result of this, discussions commenced with GLASU about the potential for building the information gained into a website that would become a "virtual tour" of the village, with links to photographic, documentary and audio collection that has been amassed over many years.

A Project Group was established and GLASU were able to provide funding for training in a range of computer based skills to enable the group to put the collection of archive material into a format that could be made readily accessible to all.

The outcome of this project is an interactive site that is developing over time, that people can contribute to and that allows you to tour the village and out-lying areas and click on houses of interest. Behind each building or location will be material from our archive which may include restored photos and audio material.

Audio descriptions and oral histories are available to download and the website is accessible at local schools, in the village hall and with local accommodation providers. We hope that the website will be of interest to local people, have educational value and support projects being planned and undertaken by other historical groups.

Members of the History Society have already collected, restored and repaired much of the existing material but there is still work to be done.

Please visit the website: click HERE

Record of Lancaster JB471 that crashed on Cefn Gast farmland 10th April 1944

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The Clearances of the Epynt

This takes you to a website all about the events of 1940 and the repercussions

Local History in Images

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