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Simon Lilly

Simon Hughes Lilly writes pieces that weave together the inner workings of a curious mind with the scintillating patterns of the landscape. It seems to him that he often narrates or translates, rather than constructs or composes.

It is a matter of being alert to the timbre and lilt of the voices that arise at quiet moments, and being able to get them down on paper as accurately as may be.

His style and subject matter is coloured by his interest in the earliest writings of Britain: the Welsh, the Anglo-Saxon, the Nordic and the Gaelic traditions, as well as the contemplative and spiritual writings of India and the Far East.

As a visual artist, he often attempts to combine fragments of writings within his art works.


He currently has published the following volumes inspired by local landscapes:

Moonlight Through Glass

The House of Trees

A Wandering Mind

On Longer Tides

Subject as Object

On the Ridge Road

Scribble River


 His words and art can be seen at:

Books are available from his online shop:  click HERE

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