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Llangammarch, Cefn Gorwydd, Tirabad and Llanwrtyd are tightly-knit communities and  have all pulled together to launch the charitable trust 'The Llangammarch & District Disaster Relief Fund' to support the surviving children affected by the tragic events in Llangammarch Wells on the night of Sunday 29th and Monday 30th October 2017.

The Trust comprises eight members - 3 members of the Llangammarch Community Council, 3 members of Llanwrtyd Town Council and two members of the family.


Memorial bench
Bench and arbour

This memorial bench and its surrounding arbour were dedicated on Saturday 13th October 2018 in Llangammarch.

These can be found in the Riverside Gardens at Llangammarch.

The small community of Llangammarch raised money for these though events and donations.

Grateful thanks to Cllr Mairwen Price for organising the project and to Cllr Sandra Wear for the images.

Wild Flowers

We Will Remember Them

Public Statement, October 2019


This is a public statement following a meeting of the Trustees of the Llangammarch & District Disaster Relief Fund on the 16th October 2019


  1. With grateful thanks to everyone who has contributed to the fund, the sum now stands at £34,848.74.

  2. Following advice, the fund will remain as a Charitable Trust Fund, which has been accepted by the Community Foundation in Wales as a charity.

  3. The family and other trustees agreed that there would be no more fund raising by the Trust itself, but that donations and monies raised by the public would still be most welcome.

  4. It was agreed to leave a sum in the bank and invest the rest to get some interest. The sum to be left in the bank was agreed at £2K for each child. The Community Foundation in Wales will be approached for investment advice for the balance.

  5. Any request for funds would need to come before, and agreed by, the trustees.

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